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one strong brand, system and URL saying "it just works"

the (vision for) one generally available startpoint for installing free(er) software

Because the USB live edition of Ubuntu Linux is great and Portable Apps (for Windows) is nice,
but we need something closer to perfection   …   a thought experiment in that direction:

as ‘everybody’ knows the “freedom drive” i ask to borrow the USB stick (or ) of the next guy, stick it in my computer, choose my favorite distro from the menu, and install or only run live.
The menu from which to choose is filled dynamically, depending what is available in cache or over a connection and questions are available to help you make your choice.

Only the startpoint is general, the rest is optional (so distro's don't have to uncomfortably squeeze in).
For it to really work as "the 1-stop solution" it also has free software for Windows, “fix your broken Windows” functionality (Knoppix like), and non-free packages.

Good branding can make all the difference.

timing is important too

projects maybe offering ingredient:

Wubi (Windows-based Ubuntu Installer, dual-boot, uninstall from Windows too)
Ubuntu LiveUSB creator, Ubuntu current state+data snapshot into live USB installation
UNetbootin (general creator of live USB installations)
Ubuntu minimal CD, install Ubuntu from floppy (both need network during install)

Open OEM
Linux Firmware Kit, Linux-incompatible hardware list
Das U-Boot, Universal Bootloader, Etherboot
Ultimate Boot CD, Knoppix, best hardware detection Linux distro
Package Management Standardisation, autopackage, Nixstaller, creating installers for any Unix/Linux system, Gobo Linux, more understandable (apparent) placing of program files QEMU(machine emulator and virtualizer)
Virtual Box(virtualization)
OpenSolaris, OpenBSD, FreeBSD

Windows installation adapted to your preferences
Access Linux partitions from Windows

If you need help from an actual person getting your computing more free:

save money: buy a computer with Linux pre-installed, or install it yourself
In the Netherlands is a good one.

state of mind